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Home Staging Advice For Selling Your Rye Beach Home - Get Into The Closet

 Home staging advice for selling your Rye Beach home - get into the closet.  Get into every single closet and cabinet and drawer in your home.   Home staging isn't just about new furniture and paint colors.  It's more than adding cut flowers and a bowl of lemons to the table. 

 Home staging is about creating a perception of value in the minds of potential buyers. 

rye beach homeRye Beach is a prestigious seacoast town with beautiful homes, sporting manicured lawns and breathtaking views of the ocean.  No matter what your price range, your Rye Beach home must be strategically marketed. 

Advertisers spend a lot of time, effort and money to make their products appealing to buyers.  Every image, color and font is  specifically chosen to be attractive to buyers and to make the product stand out from the competition. Its really no different when selling your house.  If you want buyers to choose your Rye Beach home over the others on the market, you need to make sure its more appealing and more memorable.


One, seldom used, strategy for appealing to buyers is to impress them with extremely organized cabinets and closets. 

That's right!  Having clean, organized cabinets and closets sends a message to buyers.  The message is that a very organized, meticulous person lives there. 

The entire house is then perceived, in the mind of the buyer, as having been very well maintained. 


It really isn't that much extra work, consider it a headstart on your packing to move. Take one room or closet at a time.  Remove all off-season clothing.  Pull out everything you don't need or use on a daily basis and divide into three piles...

1.  Trash     2.  Donate     3. Pre-pack

cabinetsAll remaining items should be arranged neatly, putting like items together and storing small items in matching storage containers.  Having labels facing out will create an even greater sense of order.

Make sure closet floors are free of clutter, swept, and clean.

Make sure cabinet shelves are clean and either painted or covered with shelf liner. 

Wipe all drawers in kitchen and bathrooms with a damp cloth.  Don't forget to clean out medicine cabinets.

If you make the time, or have a home stager or cleaning company do it for you, buyers will take notice. 

Your competition will not be making the extra effort - you will have the advantage.  





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